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WGJ4K: Robert Burgless WGJ4K: Robert Burgless

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Regarding the conversation at the end

Quite a few of you reviewers don't seem to understand why there's a 2-minute off-screen argument among Mickey and the gang. For example, shiftluke suggests that the only appeal is that HotDIggedyDemon made it, and "If this same rant was made by someone else, chances are that it would get blammed, or get a low score."

Said reviewers are most likely the kind of people who like humor that goes, "Hey. Look at me. I'm clearly funny." Which is fine, but it's not fair to label the end as boring. In fact, I found it more hilarious than the cringing-funny jokes at the beginning.

Even to newcomers to the series, it becomes clearly established that Mickey is the lone hater in the group. He hates his job, while the other two are actually trying. This chemistry is WHY this series is funny, and it's emphasized in this episode's rant. Eric's and Jane's(?) trying-hard-to-be-aggressive responses to Mickey's fuck-off-everyone statements creates an interesting scenario.

In a way, shiftyluke is correct. If these were different characters arguing, it wouldn't be funny. But shiftyluke is also wrong. People like me find HotDiggedyDemon's characters having a surprisingly candid hilarious. I remember another reviewer saying that HotDiggedyDemon had a "disturbingly deep understanding of the human mind" or something. After watching this episode, I completely agree.

The reason the rant is funny is readily apparent. There aren't any jokes. There aren't any visual gags. BUT. Listen to the conversation. Understand the characters.

As shiftyluke said, HotDiggedyDemon can turn shit into comedy gold JUST because he made a couple good animations. Nah. HotDiggedyDemon can turn shit into comedy gold because he has some fucking great ideas. Remember that the humor will appeal to only those who can grasp it.

Also, shiftyluke:
"And because you have so many fans, as soon as i submit this review, its most likely going to be marked for removal and dubbed as "useless", only because i didnt like it. "
It's MUCH much more likely that fans will be angry if you say things like they're fact.

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Believe IT! Believe IT!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Haha! Righto, the dubbings use it way too much...dattebayo!
For those of you wondering, the '69' on their forehead represents the '69' sexual position. I'm not going to go in depth...